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Full Potential

"It is your obligation to realize your full potential; it is our obligation to help you express it!"     - Dr. Luke Pinatello

All of the Chiropractic Visits you Need

for one low monthly fee!

Live Proper Chiropractic is offering all of the chiropractic visits that you need for a low monthly affordable rate!  Special plans for individuals, couples, and the entire family!

Chiropractic care is used to remove interference caused by misalignments of spinal bones. Removing nerve interference through specific Chiropractic Adjustments is the main goal in our office.  Once the nerve system is functioning without interference you get relief of your symptoms. This is due to the ability of the body to heal when functioning properly, without interference, due to mental, chemical, or physical stresses that act against our body during everyday living.   Maximizing your health, wellness and life through regular spinal adjustments is our primary goal.  In our office we understand that all symptoms arise from an underlying condition that we must address in order to get better.  Caring for symptoms alone will not result in better health but will only mask the underlying problem in our body.  Removing Subluxations, AKA misalignments in the spine, and allowing the signals, through nerve connections between the brain and body, is necessary in order to live a healthy life.                   

Chiropractic is a lifestyle just as exercise and good diet.

Call and schedule an appointment for you and your whole family today!

* Enjoy all visits for one affordable monthly fee!

* No insurance needed!

* No appointments needed - just walk right in!

* Affordable for the whole family!

* Ability to maintain health not just treat sickness!

* Get the care you need not the treatment a third party company tells you they will pay for!

Testimonial From Maria

"I just recently joined Live Proper Chiropractic.  Owning my own business I know how important it is to have such a personal touch, as well as, remain professional.  Dr. Luke does both very well.  His work has far exceeded my expectations in his profession, philanthropy and as a genuine person."            - Maria